Choosing Your Garden Fence

by paul on June 13, 2011

There’s an old saying that goes something like “a good garden fence helps make good neighbours”. I quite agree!

Good garden fencing should not only establish a boundary between yours and your neighbour’s property, but it should provide privacy, security and keep out (or in!) rowdy children and pets.

Garden fences, just like neighbours, come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult sometimes to decide which type will be most suitable.

When choosing your garden fence, it can often be best to start by deciding what is most important to you. Is it the look? For example, do you want a fence with an arched trellis top, which looks very attractive? Or, is privacy and security more important to you than an attractive design? In which case, you will probably go for something like close board wooden fencing, or fence panels with concrete posts.

On the other hand, if you get on really well with your neighbours, you may decide you just want low level post and rail fencing, so that you can have chats over the garden fence.

If you need help choosing your fence style, or want more information about what other types of garden fencing we do, just give us a call any time. We’ll be pleased to help.

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