We take great pride in providing a five year installation guarantee.

How can we do this? It’s because we’re sure about the quality of materials we use and how we install; no shortcuts on either front!

After all, it takes the same time to fit substandard timbers as it does to fit these which will last for years, without disappearing when the wind picks up!

Many companies may provide a cheaper quote than us but they are probably using a lesser specification…

For example; our posts are 4in x 4in (others: 3in x 3in); our slats are 6in wide tapering from 1/2in (others: 4in wide and 1/4in thick); our cant rails are 3in x 2in tap (others: 2in x 1in)

However, timber is a natural material and depending on location, may be subject to changes in colour and movement. Colour is influenced by maintenance procedures/ weather and movement is primarily down to the weather – not something that we can include in our guarantee!

We recommend that all exposed timber should be treated every 3 – 5 years depending on product location and type of treatment used.