Types of Fences

Fencing Northampton Supplies and Installs All Types of Fences, Both Domestic and Commercial.

Closeboard – Closeboard fencing, otherwise known as Featheredge or Featherboard fencing, is one of the most popular and versatile types of wood fencing. It is equally at home in a city back yard or a country garden. It can also be used in a commercial setting where it can provide both privacy and security, without becoming an eyesore to the local residents. It can be stained or painted, or just left to weather naturally.

Fence PanelsFence panels are always a popular choice, both for economy and convenience. They are one of the quickest and easiest types of fences to install, therefore keeping costs down. They are pre-fabricated panels made to standard sizes, usually 6ft wide and either 3,4,5 or 6ft high.

They come in a choice of Lap Panels, which are made up of horizontally overlapping planks, or Closeboard (Featheredge) Panels, which are made with vertical planks. Both types of pre-made fence panels can be installed with either timber or concrete fence posts and gravel boards.

Trellis – Trellis fencing can be installed to create a boundary, where privacy is not an issue. It can be used as a decorative feature in the garden, to provide a frame for growing climbing plants or as a simple screen. Smaller trellis panels can also be used as an attrative, decorative topping to a panel fence. The trellis itself can either be a square or diamond shaped pattern.

Hurdles – Hurdles are made of either Hazel or Willow, and are one of the most traditional types of fences, which retain the rural hurdle look. Hurdles can provide an attractive screen for either a boundary or a windbreak within the garden. They are very useful for providing an attractive screen for unsightly objects in the garden, such as oil tanks. Smaller hurdles can be used to provide edging, borders or even contain pets.

Post and Rail – Post and Rail fencing, otherwise known as Paddock Fencing, would most often be seen in the countryside. It is commonly used in agriculture as a boundary for fields, or as an animal enclosure. However, it can be used in gardens where an open outlook is wanted, for instance, so as not to obscure a picturesque view.

Chain Link – Chain link is a wire mesh fencing product which has been around for many years, and has many applications. Chain link or mesh fencing is open, so gives no privacy. However, as it lets light through, it doesn’t block light from plants. It also lets the wind through, which means that there is no wind resistance or wind loading on the fencing, which is an advantage in high, or exposed areas. The fact that you can see through chain link fencing also has some advantages for security, as it does not offer a hiding place for an intruder.

Security Fencing – Security fencing is usually made from metal, either as solid rails or as heavy duty mesh. This type of high security fencing is more commonly used in commercial premises, but is also a great security option for the home, where it can provide not only a strong physical barrier, but also a powerful visual deterrent to would-be intruders.

These are just a few examples of the various types of fences that we can install. For more information and advice about suitable types of fence for your home or premises, or a no-obligation quote, please call Fencing Northampton on 01933 678820 or 07870 730049.