Garden Fencing

Types of Garden Fencing

“Your garden is a picture, and your garden fence is the frame!”

There are many reasons for installing garden fencing. The main purpose may be for privacy or, the reason may be containment – either keeping your kids and pets in, or conversely, keeping others people’s kids and pets out!

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of needing to establish a boundary between yours and your neighbour’s property.

For both privacy and containment, wooden fence panels are the most popular choice. These fences most commonly come in 1.8 metre wide sections, and either 1.2 metres or 1.8 metres high.

The major advantage of wooden fence panels is the fact that they provide complete privacy, blocking your garden from your neighbours view. They also have a very natural look which blends easily into most outdoor areas, with the panels either being allowed to naturally weather, or they can be stained or painted to compliment the surrounding landscape.

Another common wood fencing system is the post and rail fence. This fence has a very rustic and historic look. Post and rail fences were used on farms and ranches in the past to keep larger animals contained.

When used in domestic garden fencing situations, the main purpose is to mark property lines and add to the visual appeal of the grounds. They do not offer much of a barrier to pets and do not offer privacy either. Despite this, they are very common in country homes.

Another type of garden fencing material is chain link. Chain link fencing is a practical and economical choice when containment is the most important consideration. It will provide effective containment for the most determined of animals, and chidren!

And, if you feel that chain link fencing has a rather harsh look to it, you can soften it’s appearance by growing shrubs and hedges in front of it, or allowing climbing plants, roses etc to weave their way in and out of the links. In a very short time, the chain link can almost disappear and just become part of the garden, whilst still keeping your property secure.

Other options for garden fencing are Featherboard, Palisade or Picket, Lattice, Hazel Wattle, Post and Chain. So, there it is – garden fencing for all tastes!

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